Monday, October 24, 2005

The "Michael"s Have Been Counted

This weekend, while staying up really late due to being all screwed up from my upstairs neighbor playing a keyboard for about the last 84 hours non-stop, I got around to counting the Michaels.

For those too lazy to click on that link, to sum up, they say the word "Michael" a lot in the movie The Lost Boys. And I've done you all the service of counting the Michaels.

The roughest spot was during the part where the four vampires were chanting "Michael." I included each Michael said by each vampire. During one chanting scene there were 88 audible Michaels.

There's also a lot of loud wind in the movie with people yelling stuff underneath. Anytime I was certain I heard a "Mike," "Mikey," or "Michael," I marked it down. Having the movie divided into chapters also made the task easier.

The final tally of the long-awaited "CTM" project:


I wonder if the fictional Santa Carla was in the 213 area code.

Here's a look at the official scoresheet:

Click these hogs to enlarge.

You can see what Chan said to me when I was done: "Time well-spent for you, I guess."

As a bonus, when I was done, I was watching an episode of All in the Family, and the grandpa from Lost Boys was guest-starring as a priest. (I imdb'd him to verify, but there's no mistaking that voice.)

Thank you for doing this. I've been waiting. Seriously.
"Maggots, Michael. You're eating maggots. How do they taste?"
The actor in question, was Barnard Hughes.

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