Saturday, September 10, 2005


Now that I'm the proud owner of a Lost Boys DVD, I'm going to do something I've been meaning to do for more than a decade. I'm going to play "Count the Michaels."

My sister and I have always loved this movie. And at some point in the early nineties, between telling me that Skid Row was "pussy metal" and letting me videotape (?) his baseball card collection, her friend Andy (who I recently ran into at Fenway by random chance) pointed out the fact that "they must say the word 'Michael' a thousand times in that movie."

Well, my guess would be more like a hundred. I'm watching it now, kind of to see what I'm up against, without doing the actual count.

At one point, the vampires chant Michael's name. I think I'll count every single one. I think there are four people chanting, so I'd count each Michael as four Michaels for that part.

Note: Corey Haim's character often refers to Michael as "Mike." "Mike"s and "Mikey"s count. Of course. Maybe I could have the DVD sitting in a jar, and people could look at the jar and write down their guess as to how many Michaels are inside.

"My own brother, a goddamn shit-suckin' vampire! You wait til mom finds out, buddy."

The Schill is back, I want my Maypo! Dear Sunday, won't you come out to play. A little Lennon.
Interesting coincidence with the Skid Row comment and Kiefer Sutherland- the episode of SNL with Kiefer hosting and Skid Row playing, Kiefer took a LOT of pride in announcing the band. He had this like, "yeah, this is MY generation's next great band!" vibe. He says something like "We have a great show...Skid Row is going to TEAR THE HOUSE DOWN!"

Then Sebastian Bach performed in a skit advertising HEavy Metal kids sing-a-longs, with Adam Sandler as Axl Rose.

Then I saw Sebastion Bach in Times Sq. wearing one of those silk SpiderMan shirts that comic books nerds (like Bach) wear.

Also, Mike refers to weed (reefer) as "Kiefer." "I'm gonna go smoke some Reefer Sutherland" or "I'm gone spark up some Kiefer."

He's a punny dude.

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