Friday, September 09, 2005

Reverse The Psychology

My dad warned me not to make fun of Aaron Small, after he pitched well in his first start. Instead of heeding that warning, I proceeded to compare him to a ridiculous-looking claymation character. He's gone on to do very, very well.

So, tonight, let's beat that high-quality Aaron Small. It will be tough, since he's such an amazingly good pitcher that I wish was on the Red Sox.

Here's something I made with the cheesy paint program that came with my laptop:

Better to add we ..peter*
I don't follow you.

"New York Choked."

You want "New York/We Choked"? Is that what you're saying?

I like my way better.

But either way.

Or I could put the yankee logo to the left of "Choked."
I don't know if you own or operate a motor vehicle, but I'll seriously donate money towards the purchase of an NY Choked vanity plate. You must do this.
I just sold my car, since I moved to New York. So it's like a catch-22 in a way. Unless I'd moved to upstate New York.
Watched the game; Sox were hitting Small, but Wells was CARELESS as hell.

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