Thursday, August 11, 2005

Red Sox Nation Card Re-Dux Bed

To answer Peter's question about my stance on the Red Sox Nation Membership cards:

Here's the link to my initial response to "the card," from November 8, 20004.

Here's what I wrote about it the following day.

From December 4th, here's where it turned into discussing dirtdog's racism, long before the infamous picture appeared at his site.

This one here revisits the RSN ID topic on December 10th.

Scroll around the archives for November and December '04 for more on these topics, or visit your local library.

Thanks for answering my query, and well said too. I read BDD but that doesn't mean I agree with their varied stances on just about everything red....and I do remember the broohaha when the card was first announced. I guess that's where my negativity came in initially. But still...............

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