Saturday, December 04, 2004

Race Ya

In response to the comment by Sam:

I didn't call dirt dog a racist. I definitely have said that I feel like he prefers the clean cut and lighter-skinned players on the team, the latter being a racist thing to do. There's obviously no clear-cut rule on what you have to do or say to officially be called a racist. If you say one racist thing over a life dedicated to helping people of another race, for example, are you a racist? Or a non-racist who happened to make a racist remark?

I'd never accuse dirt dog of being a slave owner, or of hanging people of other races in his backyard. Racism comes in a lot more subtle ways than that. I just see something about him that I see in a lot of people. It's a mentality of: "Okay, you don't look like me? Well, you can have a chance to be in my little club, but you'd better fly right or else hit the road, we don't need you anyway. And if someone who does look like me starts doing something bad, well, just come on, come back to the club, you're always welcome if you just do the right thing, we want you back."

Like Varitek, for example. He's got this horrible guy as his agent, who makes this ridiculous demand. Dirt dog doesn't put Tek in a yankee hat, or in a bed with Jeter, or sitting on top of a pile of money. He says, Hey Tek, Get rid of Boras, we want you to stay. And you can tell me that that's because Jason earned it or whatever, and not because he's a white dude. But Jason got us a championship, and Pedro got us a championship. Ask either one and I think they'd both say the same thing about the other: Without him, we wouldn't have won. But Pedro meets with other teams, and he goes right to the fountain with A-Rod. (Which by the way, unlike the guy that wrote in to dirt dog, I'm aware that that was dirt dog's way of saying that he feels that Pedro was going to the yanks, and I'd seen the pic before with Jeter's head instead of Pedro. I know he wasn't going for the "look how gay Pedro is" effect there. Although the whole idea of "you're so dumb, you must prefer to be with people who are the same sex as you" is really, really stupid, too.) And Schilling, as another example: I hear a whole lot about how he runs his mouth too much, and supposedly all his teammates traditionally have wanted him to "shut up and pitch." Dirt dog only mentions this in a light-hearted manner, if ever, like Schill was his buddy. I'm tellin' you, give Schilling Pedro's accent, skin color, and hair, and he'd be ripped to shreds on that site. The guy named his kid after a yankee. If Pedro did that, well, I don't even wanna think about what kind of pictures we'd see on there.

It was also hilarious how the other guy that wrote to dirt dog missed the lyric from "White Lines." (When I saw the lyric up there originally, I thought, "Dirt dog knows White Lines? I wonder if he thought it was an instructional record on how organize rallies for...well, nevermind. But look, there you go, he listens to rap music, or at least he bought Millennium Hip-Hop Party, so he couldn't be that racist. I guess.)

But back to that topic: I just see a certain thing about that site, where's it's just a little too often that I see a black guy with a mean face and a cruel headline over it. It's all a matter of opinion, though. I guess if you say something, and don't intend it to be racist, but someone else perceives it that way, then there's going to be a discrepancy. And I haven't made some official statement where I proclaim the man a racist or anything. The main things that get me mad about that site aren't about race, they are: When he groups all Sox fans together, when he tries to drive a player out of town or makes fun of one for his choice of haircut, and the now all-too-common untrue predictions, which are made as if they've already come true. (By the way, why does even have him on there? What's the point? They're supposed to be news, but all his stuff is opinion, which is never labelled as such, and incorrect info from unnamed sources. I'm thinkin' they'll drop him. And if they do, maybe his predictions will start coming true again.)

But back, once again, to the guy who missed the song lyric. I think that's one of the funniest things that can happen in society. When somebody quotes a song, and somebody else doesn't know that what they're hearing is from a song. If you can ever purposely pull that off, it's even funnier. Like if you stood up to say a toast at a wedding or something, and started saying, "And as we wind on down the road, our shadows taller than our souls, there walks a lady we all know, who shines white light and wants to show how everything still turns to gold. And Tracy, Bill, family and friends, remember, if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last. Finally folks, when all are one and one is all, yeah, to be a rock...and not to roll. Salud!" Eventually people would start laughing, but by the end, you could probably tell which people didn't know why they're laughing.

So I hope that cleared things up. Thanks for your comment.

Wow. Nice response. Wasn't expecting that.

Why does keep him, you ask? The hits, man. He gets hits. The bottom line. I blog myself(, you blog, we both know how how you start to feel like you're shouting into space sometimes. But BDD has a huge audience because of the type of information he provides. It's easy, condensed information. It's the blog version of a convenience store. It's easier and quicker than Rotoworld or Retrosheet or someplace like that. And usually funnier.

Sometimes not.

He definitely has his prejudices, and he definitely plays favorites: that rubs me the wrong way, sometimes. But still, I keep BDD as my homepage. Why? Well if there IS actually any big breaking news, he's sure to have it. And if there's a rumor in the wind, he's sure to have that, too. Ya see enough of his stuff, and the difference between the opinion and the fact becomes (usually) pretty easy to discern. But if I have any questions about the veracity of his information, I'm never more than a couple of clicks away from the truth., or Rotoworld, or ESPN, etc.

But I'll give it to ya, BDD gets annoying sometimes. He picks on certain players (Pedro, Millar), while others get away practically scot-free (Mueller, Nixon, Schilling). And he sometimes goes beyond the usual limits of poetic license. He ... takes liberties.

To put it politely.

Which, again, is something BDD doesn't do. He doesn't have a lot of delicacy, sensitivity, subtlety, tact, and so on.

Which isn't helped by his delusions of grandeur. Schilling is a favorite of his, in part, because I think BDD feels partly responsible for attracting Schilling to the Red Sox. BDD and SoSH. He might be right, I dunno. Now he's trying to work that same magic with Varitek. That, and his new deal with, and the guy is feeling his oats a little bit, know what I mean?

But because of that, and because of his attittude, BDD doesn't respond well to criticism or "alternative" points of view. For instance, I criticized you in a comment. You took it to heart and responded in an earnest manner. Criticize him, though, and he'll post your message on the website for a joke. There's a big difference there ...

Like I said, I don't know about him as a racist. He's definitely a homophobe and probably a xenophobe and I wouldn't doubt that he has a Napoleon complex and an Oedipus complex too (but who doesn't?). Yeah he tears into Bonds regularly, but for legit reasons: he tears into Giambi and Sheffield just the same. He tears into Pedro, and maybe race factors into it somehow, but on the surface, his complaints about Petey seem legit. He rips Manny sometimes, but he also praises Manny most of the time. He loves Ortiz. And best I can recall, he loves Pokey and Ellis.

Basically, I think I see BDD's attitude as an extension of the ugly bottom line in the sporting world: excell or go home. If a guy is performing well, it's nothing but praise. If he's slumping, nothing but sarcastic criticism. For a big-money guy like Pedro, that can be really harsh, especially when Petey breaks into his primadonna routine. But then you factor in the hypocritical exceptions BDD makes (Schilling, Nixon), and I guess his content just isn't for everybody.

So I just took a lot of space to say that, hey, the guy ain't perfect. I can't speak for anyone else, but I enjoy BDD usually. Sometimes not. But I never send him angry emails, because I don't want to be lampooned on his frontpage.

Hey maybe you know of this site:

Sox site, similar in method to BDD, but delivered from a more palatable perspective, maybe.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to respond. And btw, I don't really listen to rap music myself, so I completely missed the song reference. What a loser ... (Also, I'd never been able to understand that one line in "Stairway to Heaven," "all is one and one is all," so thanks for clearing that up, too!)

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