Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sox Win Series In State Where "Cloak And Dagger" Was Filmed

Michael Kay's prediction for yankee wins in 2005: 108

Current yankee win pace: 64.8

And Kay's estimate was low compared to what some other people who erased the last few years from their memories said.

Even the most uneducated yankee fan would know to retort "It's still early." But still, they'd have to go 98-39 (.784) the rest of the way to get to Kay's pompous prediction.

If they do that, and they do it without cheating, maybe I'll give them credit.

(By the way, I'm thinkin' Joe Torre might be going on a long holiday very soon.)

I love these "win for us, loss for them" days, but escpecially on Sundays, as it gives you a good feeling going into the week. But the yankee "fans" at work will still come in tomorrow with their A-Rod T-shirts, which may as well say "I didn't even check yesterday's scores, let alone watch any baseball. (But, 1918! Oh, wait.)" across the chest.

If Foulke had blown that game, all the blame in my mind would have been on Renteria. That was the easiest double play chance you're ever gonna see. He's just so nonchalant. I never watch National League baseball, but if he's considered a superstar over there...

But I'm still pullin' for the guy. He seems like such a shy, nice guy. I can relate to that. I'm kind of like that. But when I get on the baseball (meaning Wiffle Ball) field, I run, I try to win, I get some form of game face on. Even with goofballs like Johnny Damon, you can see the passion they have for the game while they're playing. Edgar just seems lifeless out there.

Then again, he did make some really nice plays out there today. I think his demeanor is all part of a ploy where you don't realize until the end of the year just how integral he was. Let's hope.

I just found out SamCat has the same birthday as me. So I wasn't alone in my 15 year wait to get a Red Sox win on my birthday. (A streak which ended last year.)

Feel free to make your own jokes about Kevin "KY" Youkilis helping the Red Sox win the rubber game of the series. Here's a hint: Try to cleverly blend the word "latex" with "Texas."

This is all I've got so far:

KY keeps the club slick on the rubber la tex as(s)
The correct answer is:

"In deep-south rubber game, Greek KY creams LaTex Ass Rangers."
I hereby declare September 8 'Fantastic Red Sox Fan Day'.

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