Thursday, September 09, 2004

Happy Birthday To Our Dear Milford

Last time the Sox won on the road on September 8th, they went on to the World Series.

Tonight, September 8th, an 8-3 win and a sweep over the A's. My first birthday win since '91. A nice present for me, as was getting to see the game, since it was on ESPN.

We're two back, and the magic number to win the division is 27.

I liked how the ESPN announcer came right out and said the yankee forfeit situation was a "new low for George Steinbrenner." Funny how that same hurricane is now causing rain-outs for the yanks, totally messing them up.

A few days ago, I heard Michael Kay say that the yankees had "far and away the best offense in the league." He might have even said in baseball, I don't remember. But even if he only said the AL...far and away the best? Check this out:

Red Sox: avg .285; slugging % .478; hits 1381; runs 794; on-base % .362; ops .840

yankees: avg .268; slugging % .459; hits 1261; runs 759; on-base % .353; ops .812

They do have us by 19 in HRs, and we have more K's--993 to 840, and we have about 25 less walks then they do. I guess it's those things--and who knows how many intangibles!--that make them "far and away" better than us in Kay's psychotic mind. Come on.

These yankee people need to stop saying things just because they want them to be true. It's either that or they're just very ignorant. They watch the yanks every night, and just don't see how another team could have a better offense--or shortstop, or closer, etc. It's like when Francesa said, "Rivera's the best all-time closer in the post-season because you couldn't do better than he's done." A statement that can only be true if his ERA was 0.00 with no baserunners allowed. I'll give the yankee media this: Of all the team they follow closely, the yankees are the best, and each of their players is the best at his position. Notice there's no 's' at the end of team.

And get this. Lately, they've all been saying how Sheffield knows what his team needs, and will sacrifice himself and hit to the right side, etc. I guess they've decided that since he's an MVP candidate, if they all just lie and tell everyone how he's this unselfish player who's not trying to pull a home run down the line every single time up, no matter what the situation, the rest of the country will believe it, because how the hell should they know? These guys see the yanks every night, it all must be true.

Stop with the ignorance and lies, Kay & Co. Actually, just keep lying, the yankee fans will see what's up in about 9 days. I'll be there on the 17th. It can't come soon enough.

The title of this post is from an old cartoon about a man who would sneak out of his house at night, then try to trick his wife into thinking he'd been there the whole time by drawing up intricate blueprints, with the help of his trusty pig, Milford, and then trying to act out the plan, always coming up short, leaving him battered and bruised, then yelled at by his wife and snickered at by his pig. Those were the days.


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