Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I had a bad feeling about Captain Cheese tonight. We've been using him too much. You don't want to Quantrillize this guy. And Foulke will still end up leading the league in saves, I'm convinced. Splitting a two game series isn't the end of the world.

I had my first full-game Gameday Audio listening experience tonight. Does it always cut out every five seconds? I hope not.

The good news was the yankee game. I was watching that on Gameday, and was just giddy when I saw this: "Aubrey Huff reaches on fielding error by shortstop Derek Jeter. Carl Crawford scores. Alex Gonzalez to 3rd."

It came at a key moment in the eighth, just after the yanks had cut the Rays' lead to one in the bottom of the seventh, via a rally which was killed by--a Jeter double play. The Rays went on to score twice more in the inning. Jeter also got thrown out stealing in the first. Despite these three negatives, he'll still be considered the yanks' "star of the game" for going three-for-four. But we know.

Really should have been an ultra-sweet night. But I'll take regulation sweet. Still 3 games up on 'em.

Do I get credit for this one, too?

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