Saturday, March 05, 2005

Resident Evil

Lady gets taken hostage. Lady gets freed by hostages. Lady gets shot at by U.S.-led forces while driving to safety. Agent-dude who escorted her out is killed.

Terrible job by us.
Why isn't this a bigger story? This should be a reminder of what a ridiculous war this is. (Oh wait, we're not at war, the "Mission" has already been "Accomplished," how could I forget?)

1,500 soldiers dead. Thousands more wounded. Tens of thousands (modest estimate) of innocent Iraqis dead. ("Liberated," but dead.)

And people claim this is being done to liberate the people of Iraq. If people really cared about that, we'd see Iraq flags on bumper stickers. Or "Support the People of Iraq" flags. But I haven't seen one of either of those things.

Resident Bush is a monster. With a little smirk-mask to cover his true face of evil. And not the cool, Iron Maiden-type evil. The actual innocent-women-and-children kind.

And if you're saying, What does the Italian hostage lady have to do with Bush and the war, well, I'm saying that the whole situation could have been avoided. Just like how my friend Nate wouls still be alive right now if it wasn't for this war.

And these people that shot at the car--they couldn't have shot at it without killing someone inside and wounding the freed hostage? That's what happens in a poorly planned war with poorly trained personnel.

In Red Sox obsession news, I got my Jacobs Field tickets for June games against the Native Americans. Six bucks. Sweet. My usual logic applies: "The Red Sox are playing in Bhopal? How much are tickets? Three dollars? Let's see, a thousand dollars for plane tickets, a couple hundred for meals and lodging...but for THREE bucks, what a bargain! I'd be stupid not to go!"

Whenever I think of the Indians, (alright, 35 to 40 percent of the time) I think of that Anthrax song of the same name. Wow, Anthrax and Maiden in one post. Speaking of anthrax, how's that investigation going, Mr. Bush?

[This post is dedicated to Giuliana Sgrena, and true Italian hero Nicola Calipari, whose names will be forgotten in the U.S. within the hour, if they were even remembered in the first place.]


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