Friday, March 25, 2005

"Hey, Kevin." "Ya, Moose?"

Trot in the two hole (against righties). Nice. I tried to tell 'em. (On Nov. 3rd) Good call, Stankonia.

I wrote a few days ago about that thing I saw on telling Sox fans to see the team in Toronto. It also had a link to the Jays' site. Now they've gone one step further. You can now just enter your name and credit card and get a ticket to all three games of the Opening Series in Toronto. That's crazy. Is this the first time a team ever allowed you to buy tickets through them to another team's park?

It definitely makes it easier for us. If I hadn't gone to Toronto last year I'd probably be doing this. And without even having to go to You do have to be an RSN barcode-on-back-of-neck member, though, as I am. (By the way, I'm still waiting for my actual card, as well as my Wanda fan club card.) I guess when they asked those laid-back Canadians if this was okay, they said, "You wanna give us more business? No complaints there." (Feel free to add an "eh" or two in your own mind while reading the Canadian voice, but I'm not gona be so obvious.)


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