Wednesday, November 03, 2004

In With The Same Old Same Old

Bush won. Great. More killing of innocent people. Nice job, USA.

I'm trying to keep my mind off it this by thinking of next year's lineup:

1. Johnny. He'll be back with mega-confidence, now having been called the best leadoff man in the game by some people.

2. Whoever plays 2B, maybe, but I'm kind of hoping Trot can take over this spot. I say if they just put him there from the beginning of spring training, he could get used to it, and should get some nice pitches to hit with Manny & Ortiz behind him.

3. & 4. Manny Ortiz. Isn't it funny how people make fun of Kerry for not knowing Sox players' names, while Bush probably couldn't name five world leaders' names?

5. Millar. Can he have a full year of being good, please?

6. Varitek. That's right, my prediction is they do what they gotta do to bring back Jason. He's so key, especially to the pitching staff.

7. Trot if he's not hitting second.

8. Mueller. Keep him down at eight for extra bottom-of-the-lineup clutch hitting action.

9. Cabrera. I think he gets signed, too. He could also bat second of course.

Nice lineup. I predict next year will be fun. Why am I writing like a six-year-old today? Maybe cuz I wanna be prezadent sumday.


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