Monday, February 14, 2005

Retro Post! (September 9th, 1992)

I'm so sick of these "No Fear" T-shirts. Do these people really think they're cool? Me, Pat, and O'Keefe always look at the whole "No Fear" selection at T-Shirt Station at the mall (to make fun of them, of course), where we go for lunch during fifth period. (McDonald's again today. God, I love meat. I can't see EVER giving that up.) We've got the entire period free, so we have plenty of time to get to the mall and back. Ah, the perks of senior year. We have to sneak by the security guy to leave the school grounds, though. What's with all the security? I definitely see American high schools only getting safer as we move toward the new century.

But back to "No Fear" shirts. I think the funniest one is "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space." My god. I can't believe someone would see that on a shirt and say, "That's exactly how I feel about life!" I want to make up a shirt that says, "Fear: Everyone has it, you megalomaniac."

Last night, on my birthday, ("I'm only 17"--Winger. God, they totally bite.) Nirvana played the Video Music Awards. They played "Lithium" and Kurt sang "I'm so retarded, instead of excited. Awesome! I can't wait to see what the next ten, even twenty years hold for that band. I taped the show, and when I woke up and watched it, I found that MTV went black for some reason halfway through the show. It came back on during the replay, so I have the beginning on tape AGAIN, but then the tape runs out. So I don't know if Nirvana won any awards.

The Red Sox lost to Texas last night. Kevin Brown beat us--I almost punched the wall when I heard that. If Ellis Burks wasn't hurt, we wouldn't have to play Herm Winningham in center, and we'd be fighting for the division, instead of 15 1/2 out, battling the yanks for fourth place. I still say Burks will lead us to a World Championship...someday. Canseco homered for them. At least we held Palmeiro and Ivan Rodriguez hitless. I think all three of those guys are a little too big, if you know what I mean. The young catcher Eric Wedge got in the game for the Sox, too. I think he's got the skills to be a big league manager some day--right after a Hall-Of-Fame playing career.

So, too bad the Sox couldn't win for my birthday, like they did the last two years. Hopefully they bounce back next year.


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