Monday, January 10, 2005


The fact that Randy Johnson showed what a dick he is is awesome enough... But what made it hilarious was his choice of words: "Don't talk back to me!" "I don't care who you are!" Oh my god, what a dipshit. This is his reaction to a man who is (chances are) at least a foot shorter than him doing nothing more than pointing a (running) camera at him he makes his first appearance as a yankee. How dumb can a person be? And then he finished the exchange with "or you'll see what I'm really like." Nice one, Randy! So you've just shown everyone what an a-hole you are, but you want to make it perfectly clear that that's nothing compared to what you're normally like. Great job, guy.

This is almost as good as "Kevin Brown punches wall."

I am giddy over this. And Beltran signs with Mets to boot. Steinbrenner ALWAYS does what it takes, right? "Best player in the game? Eh, can't afford it." Maybe George is content with losing.

That was an awesome display of him being a dick.
I hope the Sox hit him out of the park.
The other rumor is the Mets are going after Delgado.

I'm thrilled, personally. It appears that Steinbrenner has been operating under his own set of rules for years, and such methods don't come without consequence. Finally, they've gotten King George what he's been aiming for all along, although he might not have known it: the one man on earth who's a bigger jackass than Steinbrenner himself.

It's fitting, really. Between that little tirade and this

I'm already beginning to think I like this new era of Yankees baseball.

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