Thursday, January 24, 2013

Retro Gallery: Red Sox @ Royals 8/29/1993

August, 1993. Got to college, made a couple of friends, figured out the nearest baseball city, looked at the schedule, and saw that the Red Sox would be playing there over my first weekend at school. Don, left, was a Yankee fan from Philly. Steve, right, was a non-baseball fan from Sioux Falls who was up for a road trip. Don had a car. So we made the drive from Lincoln to Kansas City. Here they are in front of Royals Stadium, now known as Kauffman Stadium.

Don would disappear quickly. Steve became my good pal, roommate, and cohort at concerts and Husker games. Above, that crown thing on the scoreboard.

My fave, Mike Greenwell, in left field. A young Sox fan girl near me kept trying to call to him, and I told her she should yell "Gator." It did the trick.

Mo Vaughn at the plate. Did I ever tell you about how my dad taught with Mo's dad in Norwalk, and we kind of followed his pre-majors career, then couldn't believe our eyes/ears/lesser senses when he not only was drafted by our team but became a bona fide star?

In the same parking lot is Arrowhead Stadium, home of the NFL's Chiefs.

This shows how close the stadiums are, but really I was just getting a shot of a license plate with "666" on it.

I don't remember much about the game or the trip. I don't even know if I have more pics--these were the ones that made it into the album I had from that era, so any other ones are probably crappier than these. I mainly remember being struck by how the field is below street level, kind of like Yale Bowl. You walk in along the parking lot and you go down stairs to your seats. Besides that, the only other memory I can come up with is Tony Pena being out in the bullpen and spraying a hose up and over the fence at unsuspecting Royals who couldn't see him.

[Still time to enter my Super Baughl contest.]


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