Sunday, January 20, 2013

CONTEST: Soupy Squares

Time for the yearly Super Bowl contest. You know the drill, it's the thing with the squares. I'll make it easy for you. Just post a comment saying you're in, and I will eventually randomly insert your name into the grid and randomly choose the numbers. Check back on Super Sunday before the game to see what numbers you're rooting for. Deadline: 11 hours and 11 minutes before kickoff. You've got about two weeks. Tell your friends, too.

The cost to play is zero dollars and zero cents (U.S.). There will be prizes, which probably won't be that great. I mean, they'll be really great.

You can also enter by e-mailing me. Two 20 67 a t ay oh el d o t see oh em.

I'm in
I am also in
Sure, I'm in.
Mom in
Charlie in
Saltalamacchia in (if dogs can play)
I'm in!

What the hey, sign me up. - daddybcat
Sure I'm in...

Count me in.
I'm always ready to play along.
Yankee fan who's banned 95% of the time--look, I can't let you be in this, because if you win, I'm not gonna send you a prize with my return address on it. (Even though you once mentioned how you wouldn't try to stalk me or whatever, but still...)
Jere, Don't worry...I'll only visit you during the off-season. I make a mean veggie lasagna, too.
It's a weird fantasy world you've gotten yourself into.
I'm in.
Count me in, Jere.
We are in. We want to keep our winning streak alive. Dewey & Co.

Count me in...
Mark uk
Hey, why not. I'm predicting the Red Sox to win. Oh, wait. Wrong contest :)

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