Sunday, September 09, 2012


Just watched an entire Cornhuskers game I DVRd, a fairly heartbreaking loss, so now, at 2:30 a.m., finally some rain pictures from earlier tonight. Above, weird cloud over Fenway. That bank sign was showing 80 degrees as I recall.

Here's one game shot for you. This was as the rain started to come down.

Gotta hand it to this guy. Sat there with nothing covering his head.

A family sticks around for a while. We had standing room tix but went down tot he front row for the delay. Between the rainy forecast and the shittiness, there weren't many empty seats--until the rain came of course.

From under the umbrella.

The rain got pretty hard for a while there.

More crazy rain.

Got to watch some of Yanks-Orioles on the board.

A lone beer drinks from the sky. And that's pretty much it. Sox lose 9-2, but we were already back in Providence by then. See original post about the experience....


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