Saturday, September 08, 2012

Fenway Wrap-Up--During The Game!

Kim and I went to Fenway tonight. Forecast looked bad, we waited, decided to go, got there just in time for the first inning. Saw Dice give up 5 early runs. Rains came. This is classic Kim. She (like most people) hates rain delays, yet if there's ever a game with, like, three of them, you know she was there. So we weren't surprised when we saw the forecast, and I knew going in that we were gonna have to leave at a certain point.

That point came after about a half hour of rain, which we made the most of under a big umbrella in the Monster Seats, with a handful of others who stayed. We walked over to a Mexican place, got vanilla flan and coconut cheesecake (and Kim got wine and beer due to a waiter error--I think in Groundhog Day Bill Murray says you're not supposed to mix those, ever, but she's still alive, though saying a lot of things that don't make sense), sat there for an hour, and then drove home which also takes an hour with the now restarted game on the radio.

Now we're home. And the game's still going on. This rivals the time my friend Mike left Fenway (in like 1989) during a rain delay, then saw the end of the game on TV at home. In Ridgefield, CT. Two and a half hours away.

Anyway it's 6-2 Jays in the 8th.

The O's beat the Yanks so those two are tied again. We got to watch some of that game on the video board at Fenway. I heard it ended on a bad call. Ha. I want the Yanks' collapse to feature every single cheap thing they've ever had go in their favor go against them. Rays lost so they stay two back.

Pictures from rainy Fenway to follow....

[Update: Pics now up.]

So just to clarify--this doesn't count as me "leaving early." Had I been there on my own of course I would have stayed. I love rainy games. More good seats to be had, better chance of getting a foul ball, better fans, crazier atmosphere. But I know when I'm "with people" I may have to actually not make said people sit through hours and hours of nothing.

And what was up with that giant rain band? I'm still not sure if or when that actually hit us. I thought once it hit there'd be no way a game could restart because there would have been a lot of rain after it. The radar was ridiculous tonight....

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