Monday, July 05, 2010

O's @ SOX, 7/3/10 Gallery

Old friends. My full description of the night here. Click each pic to lengthen/heighten.




Lugo really making Papi laugh...

Can anybody tell me what uniform Wally was wearing?

Was trying to get a shot of Cash and got an injured Tek lounging, too.

Lester on the mound.

That tall dude.

Moved to good seats in the 8th. Patterson up, Papi on deck.

Youk on deck.

Papi up, Wieters catching.

Samuel was pissed.

The 9 on the scoreboard wasn't even all the way in yet...

Niuman Romero's Sox debut.

Robert Manuel's Sox debut.

And from the next night...

4th of July sunset with blazing sky and cock.

Like that cock picture, Jere.

BTW, you misidentified Juan Samuel as "Manuel" as he was throwing a fit...
Thanks. Will correct.

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