Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Non-Pictures Part Of Tonight's Win

[Pics now up.]

Yanks won earlier so I knew I wouldn't be seeing us move into first place (in the AL East and all of baseball). But we kept pace.

Parking: Huntington Ave., $1.25. All kinds of meters available with everybody "down" the Cape or wherever. My new thing is to get there at the end of the RSN Monster time. No line, and I can get to where I want to go right before the open the gates to the public. Was going for BP balls today. Had two shots, go nothing. The first one was a ball that went into the camera well. I was in the middle of hopping the railing to get to it when some kid came in from the side over a chain and got it. No cameramen were in there so we just went for it. That CF usher guy later gave a nebulous warning not to go in there again. But when you see a ball, you have to go for it or someone else will get it. It's not like they're gonna confiscate the ball from the other person to make you feel better. Another homer came to the 17-ish year old kid a few feet to my right. He tried to make a bare-handed catch and it slammed off his hand and went to the ground between us. Since he risked life/limb, I decided it was rightly his, and I didn't even go for it. He picked it up for the W. So my count this year remains at 0 after a great '09.

Went to the standing room by third base and had a good crowd around me. Nondescript, non-loud young couple to left, older dude who for the most part knew baseball and who I was able to talk with about plays every once in a while on my right.

When I heard the organist play the Woody Woodpecker theme, I wondered if they were doing Orioles-related tunes. I thought back to BP and remembered how odd it was to hear "Tarzan Boy" on the organ. Okay, no Orioles...but wait! "Tarzan Boy" is by Baltimora! So there you have it.

After Lester's rough first, where he was helped by a DP ball hit by a guy who swung at the first pitch after a 4-pitch walk (this is why the O's are in last place), we came right back with 4 in the bottom, and that was pretty much your ballgame. 9-3 was the final. Still .5 games back.

Saw two Red Sox debuts, Niuman Romero and Robert Manuel, both of whom made their MLB debut in 2009.

And they played that "Money" song when Cash batted. Wow, I saw three Red Sox who I'd never seen play for the team before tonight. (Hadn't seen Patterson yet.) Four if you include Cash, who I obviously saw in his first stint with the team.

I will post pictures later. Had a great seat but only briefly toward the end.

Pressure's on them tomorrow to stay in first, since we're playin' the O's.

This may be sacriBradLidge to say since I'm such a Twilight Zone fan, but I never seem to see the 4th of July marathon. I'm more of a New Year's marathon man--that one I never miss. But for some reason, I just don't usually think of the show if it isn't snowing outside. This year, I went in with guns blazin'. Last night, I skipped ahead on my preview guide or whatever, Zones. So I'd be pissed, except--they're showing a Greatest American Hero marathon instead! I was a huge fan of that show as a kid when it was new. I was even the GAH for Halloween. But I haven't seen it much since it was on the air. So this should be fun. I'm talking SyFy channel, by the way.


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