Saturday, June 03, 2006

The O-Men

A new (really, really) short film by Jere, called The O-Men. Shot in Toronto. Totally organic. Didn't plan this out in any way.



For years now, Orioles fans have been screaming "O" during the singing of the national anthem, over the "oh" in "oh say does that star-spangled..." You hear it at every game at Camden Yards, and by the few O's fans who show up when the Orioles play in Boston, or anywhere else. In fact, I'm starting to hear it now at games not even involving the Orioles. Either from O's fans who happen to be in attendance, or from stupid people who think it's just some fad.

Next time the Red Sox play in Baltimore, I propose that all the Red Sox fans in attendance shout "red" at the moment of "and the rockets' red glare." I mean, the "o" thing is cheesy, but there's no stopping them now, so we might as well get in a little shout out for our side. I wouldn't want to do this all the time, just against the Orioles. The downside is that the "oh" comes after the "red," so they'll get last ups. (But at Fenway or in Balty, our "red" will be louder than their "O.") I think it would kind of shock them if we just break it out in September, next time we're down there.

I say we do it. What do you think? I'll be sure to repost this in September before that series. Or maybe before the August series at Fenway.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Get Up!

This was a game where the average Sox blogger had already written "I could tell we were gonna lose this one all along. One of those games where you just had a bad feeling" and was about to publish when Youk hit a two-out homer in the ninth to give us the lead. And in this crazy new Papelbon era, that was the game.

Even a crappy yankee win couldn't take from the awesome mood I'm still in. Thank you Red Sox.

Saturday Night Fever was on earlier, and now Pulp Fiction is. Funny watching the old Travolta after having just seen the young one.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Holiday Roll*

The American, or inferior, Falls from the hotel room in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. On this day, we completely missed the game where the Sox lost 7-6 to the Jays. The day before, in another hotel in McGeesville, MA, we tuned in with the Sox up, like, 5-0, with two outs and two strikes in the ninth. After several walks, I finally said, "Watch us throw out the tying run at the plate to end the game." And we did. Now back to our vacation.

The Canadian Horseshoe Falls, upstream, to the right of the cleverly named "Casino."

The American Falls light up in the official colors of America: blue, white, and red. There are fireworks over the falls pretty much every night. The pics of those are dark. Besides, come on, have you never seen fireworks?

On to Toronto for Tuesday night's game. Canada, known for its cold, is hotter than hell. All that snow and ice imagery must be propaganda to weed out dumb Americans and their crazy units of weather and distance. Above, Tina interviews Curt.

The gentle giant among the little people.

Tito seems pissed at me.

This lady is a little out of her mind and whatnot.

Kid with mohawk.

Tito, what did I do? This isn't funny anymore.



Manny and David.

Papelbon on someone else's cell phone.

And again.

I love the Omen advertising. I wouldn't think "666" being all over the place would be acceptable, but apparently it is. I made a quick little movie on this Manny/David/Omen theme. I'll have it in my movie area soon.

Remy and DO film the intro.

Hey Trot, put your hat over your face like this.

Okay. By the way, are you George Clooney?

Manny on his birthday. Those Canadians hate Manny. They were on him all night. Terrible job. You know he wanted to get a key hit, but he wouldn't get it until the next night.

Chacin's crazy delivery.

The purple sky and the crescent moon and the open roof.

Crappy game that night, with Beckett pitching like some kind of non-Josh Beckett. No static at the border, and by the next night, I was at my parents' house, watching that crazy Totally Pauley game. I was proud of the kid. He did what he could, considering he got the call the day before. Amazing defense by my boy Gonzalez, and by the ailing Loretta, helping him to get out of a bunch of jams.

After he came out, he was big on drama that could've been saved for his mama. NESN cut to him in the dugout over and over. He showed us dejected look after dejected look. The near tears, the shaking of the head, the face buried in the hands. After all that, they cut to him yet again. He's still sulking, only this time, where there was no one before, there was Timlin, sitting next to the kid, calmly eating an apple. It's my contention that this move was purposely done by the comedian Timlin. Only a head of lettuce would have been funnier.

Then I took the late train back to NYC--to find a note on my building door: "Leave this door open. Key doesn't work, your new key is under your door." Would've been okay, except the door was shut and locked. So I had to buzz Chan at 1:30 AM. Way to be awake, Chan. Thanks.

*I'm told the song from the movie Vacation is "Holiday Road," but it's always sounded like "Holiday Roll" to me.

Thank You, Tigers

Seriously. How many yankees had to go down for Detroit to get just one win out of four? Almost all of them. The one that gave them the loss was Mariano, who got hurt putting on footwear, much like Wade Boggs once did. And Shef is officially going on the DL now. So anytime the yanks play a real team, they should get beat.

We're in first again. Look for my Canada pix within, uh, hours.

On With Life

Roger Clemens loved breaking your heart yet again. Remember, this is a guy that cared so much about Red Sox fans, that he had no problem literally kissing and rubbing the Babe Ruth monument before every game he pitched with Mr. Dunbar. Still wondering how so many people were willing to let that slide...

Public Service Announcement

The anonymous days are over. It was fun to make fun of the retarded yankee fans and their comments, but I'm finally making it so you at least have to have a blogger name to comment here.

Comments about my mom or my girlfriend will be deleted. If any of you cowards have something to say to me, email me directly.

Crazy Eights

Before leaving for my Canadian vacation with my "gf," I stopped at my parents' house, where I watched the Rays-Sox game on Friday night. Seeing that goofy Rays' catcher named Paul wearing number eight made me think of that third base coach named Butterfield whose number should be eight, because of the 1935 book Butterfield 8.

Then, my dad noted that JT Snow should wear eight--theoretically; my dad's fully aware the number is retired--because "8" is "the snowman." I never heard that one, but, I guess a two-segmented snowhuman does look a bit like an eight.

Upon from my return from the great white HOT AS HELL north, I again stopped at my folks', and we watched tonight's Jays-Sox game. I noticed that Butterfield was the Jays' third base coach. I'd forgotten what team he was with. Then Snow came in the game. Okay, both "should be eight" guys. But then Jermaine Van Buren came in. I've mentioned here before how he should be an eight, because of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets a free pass from the "Van B Boys" because he accidentally flashes eight fingers--the secret sign of the gang, due to Van Buren being the eighth president. Then I saw that dude Alex Rios, and realized he should be an eight. Ocho Rios, get it?

And then the cosmic ballet commenced, as Rios came up to bat against Van Buren, with Snow at first, and Butterfield in the third base coaches' box.

I live for this.

Watch for my pictures from Tuesday's Red Sox-Blue Jays game on Thursday night-ish, along with more gibberish, just like above, and talk of the Timlin apple-eating incident.

And before I go, a quick but very much expected "terrible job" to the Detroit "Laydownanddie-gers."

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Coco's Back!

As in today, vs. the Bay.

Also, here's the rain-out update:
Rain out of Tuesday, May 2 vs. New York: Opener of day-night doubleheader on Friday, August 18, 1:05 p.m./Rain out of Saturday, May 13 vs. Texas: Opener of day-night doubleheader on Saturday, June 10, 1:20 p.m./Rain out of Sunday, May 14 vs. Texas: Thursday, July 20, 2:05 p.m.
Time Changes:
Saturday, June 10 vs. Texas (regularly scheduled night game): Moved from 7:05 p.m. to 8:05 p.m./Saturday, August 12 vs. Baltimore: Moved from 1:20 p.m. to 7:05 p.m./Friday, August 18 vs. New York (regularly scheduled night game): Moved from 7:05 to 8:05 p.m.

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