Saturday, June 03, 2006


For years now, Orioles fans have been screaming "O" during the singing of the national anthem, over the "oh" in "oh say does that star-spangled..." You hear it at every game at Camden Yards, and by the few O's fans who show up when the Orioles play in Boston, or anywhere else. In fact, I'm starting to hear it now at games not even involving the Orioles. Either from O's fans who happen to be in attendance, or from stupid people who think it's just some fad.

Next time the Red Sox play in Baltimore, I propose that all the Red Sox fans in attendance shout "red" at the moment of "and the rockets' red glare." I mean, the "o" thing is cheesy, but there's no stopping them now, so we might as well get in a little shout out for our side. I wouldn't want to do this all the time, just against the Orioles. The downside is that the "oh" comes after the "red," so they'll get last ups. (But at Fenway or in Balty, our "red" will be louder than their "O.") I think it would kind of shock them if we just break it out in September, next time we're down there.

I say we do it. What do you think? I'll be sure to repost this in September before that series. Or maybe before the August series at Fenway.

I think what we really need is to get people flashing "the sign" whenever Van Buren comes into the game.
Well that goes without blogging.

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