Friday, July 11, 2014

The Perfectly Slotted Red Sox Game

Out of work at 5. Game had started at 4. Had Castig on way home. Took 1 hour and 15 minutes to get home. Normally takes 37. But the "working in Newport" experience is vastly different in the summer months. Traffic doubles with every five degrees the temp rises. Heard us go from being no-hit to winning in car. Got home, saw last three innings and Kim and I would then listen to Koji wrap it up on the way to the Providence outdoor movie, Adaptation. But as we passed the strip clubs, he blew it. Got our Gordito Burrito and headed back to car, hoping it was still tied. It was. While looking for parking for the movie, heard the winning hit, our second walk-off win (Castig always says it correctly unlike Don and the rest of the entire world) in as many days. Then watched the brilliant Adaptation. Fuckin' Cooper. Fuckin' Cox. Fuckin' Cage times 2, as fuckin' Kauffman times 2. Just as deep as Eternal Sunshine, but on the funny end of the spectrum as opposed to the serious. But both great just the same. Got home, lit'rally heard just the words "Yanks lose 9-3" as I flipped on some sports channel. Also saw before the screen changed that Tanaka is out at least 6 weeks. Fun stuff.

So my plan of "us and Baltimore" fighting it out at the end is starting to take shape. At least in my mind. The Jays are falling, the Yanks are a bus with no wheels, and while the Rays started doing better, they were still just too far back for it to matter. Which is probably what they're saying about us, considering they're actually still ahead of us, but hey, who are the world champs here? We're gonna have a great September as all these young guys become a somewhat well to well-oiled machine. Will our July and August be good enough to make that September matter? It's an easy division, we just gotta keep "plugging" along for the time being. This can be done!


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