Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sox Win 2013-y Game

This was a fun one, hopefully you didn't give up on it. We were down 4-0 at Sweet Caroline time, and it felt like we were down by more than that. Mookie Betts started the inning by beating out a grounder to short, and when he saw nobody at second base, he bolted. An infield double! Remy said it was all the fans had had to cheer about, as he inexplicably forgot about Jackie Bradley's inCREDible catch in center earlier. Two outs later, Sale was taken out at 107 pitches. The next three dudes went: single, double, walk, double. So it was 4-3 White Sox going to the ninth.

Koji, who, awesomely, replaced the injured Tanaka on the All-Star team today (Why the balls wasn't he on there in the first place, I mean what the crudding crud?), shut 'em down and we went to the bottom of the 9th, down by 1. With one down, Mookie got hit by a pitch. And when Nava's deep fly took a high hop off the scoreboard in left center, you knew Mookie would be racing all the way around. Tied. Next batter is Kelly LeBrock Holt (See how I tied in both cinematic ballplayers who came out of nowhere to become a legend AND supermodels? In fact, the "Le" could represent both "LeBrock" and the first two letters of "Leak," as if Kelly Leak went crashing into Brock Holt creating a beautiful Kelly LeBrock. Holt.), and he lines one into right. Nava scores and it's over. We win.

Side note: When that ball hit Gomes in the nose in left field, how was it that Remy didn't realize he got hit at all until after the replay? Did he think the ball bounced off the wall and took a 90-degree turn to the left?

Side note 2: Indians squandered one against the Yanks. I just wasted hours of my life watching it into the 14th inning. But they're baked scrod anyway, what with their whole rotation on the DL including the one guy who's been good so far. And no hitting and whatnot.


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