Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Again, I don't know whether to blame NESN for not just going right to the spot above and pausing it like I was able to do at home, leaving Remy and Don to speculate based on nothing and say "oh it looks like a tie," and leaving me to wonder if "New York" is hearing this and going, "yeah, I can't tell either, let's not even pause it or wait to see if THEY pause it, let's just LET THE GAME END on this play," or whether to blame the secret umpire room for not just using all the angles, pausing them, and then telling the helpless field umps exactly what happened.

A second after Don said, "this could take a while," New York took a steamin' ump on the game, ending it right there. What stinks is that had the guy said safe initially, they'd probably keep it that way. What stinks more is that he was safe and I have visual proof right here, and I'm just some guy.

Of course, in April, Farrell said he was told the ball just has to be inside the rim of the glove, while ESPN's announcers told us it has to hit the back of the glove and be actually caught for it to be a "catch." So who the fuck knows anyway. But I think everyone involved would be more comfortable with the replay people at least taking their time on a play that decides a game.


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