Saturday, July 12, 2014

Alex From Stroh's...

Fine fine win last night against the blind/deaf school. VaZQuez with a huge 3-run half dong, and two other hits, that guy knows what he's doing out there. I won't say anything about the Rish/Lyons announcing combo because there's just not enough time. That play by Badenhop was incredible, wish they'd given it more credit. I didn't stay up for the post-game but hopefully they played it a million more times at full and half speed and notified the WebGems department if that exists.

(Okay I just went to and that highlight popped right up on the video player thing, so by all means go check it out.)

I assume Rish/Lyons made your ears bleed, but I watched on mute, so I have no idea how they were. Are they doing the entire series?
Rish reminds me of a kid I knew in school who supposedly went to his dad with a pen and paper and said "teach me baseball." Yes, whole series as Don is on vaca. And Remy is just doing his usual missing of occasional games.

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