Monday, June 09, 2014

Thanks, Jobber

We were two outs from losing our 6th in a row, but Papi hit a no-doubter off of Joba, a three-run mega-dong that made it 5-3 us. So we salvage a game out of the shitty weekend in Detroit. 10 losses, then 7 wins, then 5 losses, we're like Fat Oprah/Skinny Oprah. Hopefully we stay fat with a few more wins in a row now.

If you're looking for positives, we're 8-5 in our last 13, while the Rays are 1-12 and the Yanks are 5-8. And the O's are 6-7. So we've gained on those guys since the 10-game pooping streak, and incredibly we're just 3.5 out of second place. Unfortunately the 2013-on-paper Blue Jays exist this year and are way out in front of everybody. Just gotta hope those jerks fall back to their 2013-on-field ways at some point. If they don't, well, we're 5 out of a playoff spot with a hundred games remaining.

Drew is 1 for 16--better than I expected!

Drew is actually 1 for 14.

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