Friday, June 27, 2014

OPS Plus Drew Equals Droops

OPS+ shows how a player is doing (on-base and slugging-wise) compared to the rest of the league. An OPS+ of 100 means you're exactly average. For example, Papi, despite a low batting average, will always get his dongs, and right now has an OPS+ of 132. Pedroia, who normally sits well above 100, is at 99 right now. Jackie Bradley, who has had his troubles with major league pitching, is way down the ladder at 66. Do you know what Stephen Drew's OPS+ is?

Ineffective yet expensive drum roll, please...

Negative 10! This guy's the anti-Bo Derek!

Still very confused about why we even thought about paying this guy all this money, especially when the one thing we needed was offense. (Damn you, Dempster!)

By the way, on June 1st, I noted here that it was a shame that the media signed Drew. A week later, Peter Gammons came right out and said he wondered if a media push helped to bring Drew back, and also agreed with me that it was an unnecessary/horrible move. Now maybe saying "see, Peter Gammons agrees with me" in 2014 actually makes me seem more crazy, but hey, the guy's a Hall of Famer (or something), and is in the actual media, so I'm gonna go ahead and say I gained some credibility with that comment I made. Unlike Gammons, though, I made my comment before Drew had played any games, while he waited until he'd had a few 0-fers.


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