Monday, June 23, 2014

Just Like We Planned It

I remember Pat saying at some point around 1991, "if the Red Sox lose this game, I'm not gonna watch the team for a really long time."

That's what today's game probably had a lot of people saying as it went to extra innings. Kim went to the store with the game 6-1 Red Sox and Jon Lester pitching beautifully, four outs from a win. The moment she got home, she got to see the A's tie the game to send it to extras. And the store isn't very far from our house.

Lester was pulled after putting two guys on with two outs in the 8th. Badenhop gave up hit after hit until our 6-1 lead was 6-4. But Coco lined out to end the threat. Fine, so we bring in Koji with a 2-run lead, no problem. Except he gave up a 1-out dong, then a 2-out dong, and we were tied. I thought it was a little unfair of Eck and Don to talk about him blowing the save as if THAT was what put us where we were--Koji never should have been in that game in the first place, as we had a 5-run lead with 4 outs to go.

But Papi led off the 10th with a dong, and Koji came right back out and got the A's 1-2-3 to win it. Their final hitter was somehow their closer. An incredible win that could have been a world-crushing loss that could have been an easy win. It doesn't seem like it, but we've gone 4-3 in our last 7 games, gaining 2.5 games on first place in that stretch, as the Jays have gone 1-5!

Now we go on to Seattle for three 10:10 games.

Mom here.
I never thought I'd laugh yesterday until I read the following line.
"And the store isn't very far from our house."

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