Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Jeter Makes One Millionth First-Ever Mistake

A long-ass winning streak has to end*, so it might as well end at the hands of my ol' fave, Justin Masterson. Which doesn't mean I'm not pissed that in the first inning he seemed to have nothing and we looked like we were about to take a huge lead, only to somehow not score at all for the entire game.

But let's not talk about that when we can talk about Derek Jeter thinking a ball was foul tonight and making a fool of himself. He was about to give the ball to a fan when finally he heard the screams of his attention-paying teammates. By then, the batter was on third base. Video here. (Click on "Seager triples to left.") I love how he almost made an accidental catch off the deflection, which would have gone down in Overrated Jeter Lore. Instead, just another mental mistake in his final Tour of Mediocrity. (But, of course, he never, ever makes mistakes--this was his 0th one but it also didn't really happen.) I'd also like to point out that even if the ball had been foul, look at how long he was just walking away from the play and chatting with fans, as if the game was over or something. David Price could tell you that's called "thinking you're bigger than the game." But that would have gone unnoticed. The fact that he fucked up the whole play won't, so it's a win for us.

Speaking of the Yankees, I feel like Lovitz-as-Dukakis in that debate with Bush: "I can't believe I'm losin' to this guy." It's ridiculous that we're behind that horrible team in the standings. I guess that's what a 10-game losing streak will do for you. We have to get ahead of them and move on with our lives, and leave them in the cellar where they belong. The only negative in their 10-2 loss to Cano and Co. was when Felix Hernandez mistakenly said there's "a lot of history" in the five-year-old Yankee Stadium. How embarrassing! But not as embarrassing as assuming a ball is foul and walking around and talking to fans while the other team runs around the bases.

*And usually does when you inject a dose of Drew (either one) into it.

Mom here: CBS radio sports guy after describing Jeter scenario--"Someone has finally yelled at Dered Jeter." Then the voice of the pitcher, Phelps (?), "I was screaming at him to throw me the ball, and then I watched him toss it into the stands."
That's just Jeter Being Jeter. ... Must have been thinking he needs to order more gift baskets for the girls he brings home and gives herpes to.

Why for you down on the Drew(s)? If you recall, we won a goddamn WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP with each one of them!
Did you happen to see last night's Key Matchup, which offered the stats of some player named A.J. PIERZYNASKI?

During his 1st AB, I believe. ... Good ol' NESN!
Thanks for the video link...too funny
And I like both Drews
I don't hate Drews, I just think they should have their own schools. But psoriasisly, I don't like guys more/less based on championships. Dwight Evans gave me a lot more joy in my life than say Abe Alvarez.

I love it when NESN spells a current Red Sox player's name wrong. Seems impossible but they find a way.

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