Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Smell Blog Post

Tonight's lumber slumber in Balmer makes last night's game the first win or loss that wasn't part of a streak in...at least 23 games anyway. Weird. Tomorrow it's the battle of the Men, Work against Till. Yanks were rained out.

Eight games into June, the Sox have 26 runs. So do the math and see how well you're doing in the contest. Victorino, of course, is at zero runs.

Something really cool happened today. My mom was telling she had pictures of my grandma in front of a ballpark in Pittsfield circa the 1920s. I immediately hoped it was Wahconah Park, but as far as I knew it could have been a high school field. Pretty soon she was telling me player names that were listed on a chalkboard in the background and I was figuring out the teams involved--it was Waconah. I have yet to see the pics but I will have to post them here and give you all the details on the year and hopefully exact date of the game. Fun.


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