Sunday, June 01, 2014

"How About Six? Six Is Good. You Got A Problem With Six?"

Took this pic at the beach today. I just thought it was cool how this thing looked like a Jason mask. Only when adding it to this post did I make the "dead ray" connection, as we've sent them to their fifth straight loss with our sixth straight win tonight.

Herein lies The Rub's stats: 7 innings, zilch. JaBraJu and BroHo donged for us. 7-1 final. O's, Jays, and HilterBinLadenHybrids won, so standings stay the same except for the dying Rays.

And anytime we get a nationally televised home game, we get that gorgeous old CF camera angle, where you feel like you're on the same level as the players, just behind and to the side of the mound, with the action taking up a lot of the screen in living color, instead of NESN's shitty moonshot.

May did not go according to my plan, but ending the month with a seis-gamer is encouraging, so we'll have to shift the May plan to June.

Contest entries will be revealed at 12:14 PM today. Then it's Sox/Rays at 1:35. Then we head to Ohio, Michigan, and Maryland for 9 games.


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