Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Glorious A-wakening

Today's one of my early days so I had to go to bed with the Yanks tied in the 9th at home. I dreaded waking up to a story about some previously unknown infraction by the A's allowing the Yanks to win without the benefit of batting at all. So I woke up, went to (I always like to go to a friendly place when getting Yankee results), and saw the beautiful news: Old friend Brandon Moss hits his second dong in the 10th and the Yanks lose! They're getting really close to a Drew-ish panic move of their own, though one could argue that move has already been made: the decision to keep Jeter's grandpa, er, Jeter, on the team.

So last night ended up not being so bad after our failure.

Did you see what I did with the post title? It's an A. Because A's.


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