Sunday, June 01, 2014

Everything Coming Up Milhouse, Until Drew Is Forced Upon Us

Six games ago we were six games behind the Yanks. Now we're 2.5 back as we win our 7th in a row and sweep the Rays, while Robertson blew the save at home against the Twins.

Dave O'Brien continues to talk about Drew as if he's this Christ figure ready to return and save us, even going so far as to say he makes us better in the "long run." He acts like he's a beloved clubhouse figure too. It's as if Drew paid him lots and lots of money to say this stuff. Still such a shame the media reactionarily* signed this unwanted player, ruining the careers of both Will Middlebrooks and Brock Holt for a few months of mediocrity.

("Prove me wrong, Drew. Prove me wrong..." -Seymour Skinner)

*may not be a word

Heard most of game on radio until end, when I heard Don tell of a perfect game for Pawtucket from years ago, at which point Remy asks, "Was that a 7-inning game?"

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