Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This screenshot from last night tells you all you need to know about...everything. You've got Cano lazily tossing to first. Drew making an easy out. NESN covering a vital part of a live play with some stupid other thing (while the announcers talk about it). And I'd add "none of the well-known grunge bands in the poll," but they said this was "Round 2," so I have to believe Round 1 featured the Basic Four: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains, probably in that classic order, though the members of Mudhoney and Tad and the Sonics and The Fartz and Mother Love Bone and the Gits and the Fastbacks might have something to say about that. And terrible job putting those four all together in the first round. Though maybe they wanted to set it up for a Nirvana (or Pearl Jam) vs. Hendrix battle royale with cheese for the Final Round, which would also explain why Jimi wasn't in Round 1.

As for last night's X-Fest (excrement festival), we were down 3-2, and I set my just-as-cluttered-as-my-physical-space DVR to record starting about 20 minutes in the future, to avoid it cutting the game off early. Well when I pressed play this morning, it was already 7-2! Fucking fuck. So there wasn't much drama. I may as well have just not recorded the game and checked the score in the morning. Final: Mariners 8, Team with a catcher who just swings at the first pitch and drops his head in disappointment 2.

All that plus Eck referring to Bogaerts as "Xavier".

Is Sir Mix-A-Lot really a "band"?
You could make a very strong case for Heart as a Canadian band, not Seattle.
Ha yeah I forgot to mention that--I thought Don was about to correct him but he let it go.
By the way, you are 4-for-4 in naming the bands they had in Round 1.
I figured it'd be the Basic Four. Thanks!

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