Sunday, June 01, 2014

Contest Entries Revealed

We've got six seven contestants. Good luck.

June 2014 Red Sox Runs Scored

Mom: 100
Bosox Fan in Wichita: 123
Rich G: 123
Sec 36: 136
Dewey & Co: 140
Kara: 148
Quinn: 150

June 2014 Victorino Runs Scored

Dewey & Co: 2
Quinn: 5
Mom: 8
Rich G: 8
Sec 36: 8
Kara: 9
Bosox Fan in Wichita: 13

Ok, seems to be working so referring back to my original comment that went awol (or you may have been too busy to check this thread yet in which case apologies) I have a feeling a number of people may have e-mailed the wrong address. I saw the original post and took your writing of the address to be an attempt to stop bots harvesting your e-mail address so whilst a combination of word and numbers before the address I read them as just ultimately one set of numbers.
As my entry isn't above despite sending it on May 21st I can only guess that you weren't in fact hiding your address at all and that it was exactly as written.
I would imagine by the far smaller number of entries than usual that I wasn't the only person to believe you were masking the address from e-mail harvesters.

Disappointing as always enjoy entering the comps, should have guessed something was up with no confirmation reply. :-(
Yes the first part is exactly as written: Two2067. In 1995, one of AOL's rules was that your address had to start with a letter. I wanted Kurt Cobain's birthday (2/20/67) so I had to spell out the 2.

So go ahead and mail or comment your prediction, one game is no big deal.
Thanks, I have just forwarded my original e-mail to the correct address, sorry for the confusion.

I went for 123 and 8 respectively.

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