Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Blog Post

"I was very fortunate and blessed that we were able to win a championship here, and because of that, I can show my face here as much as I'd like." --Johnny Damon

Aww, what a guy, continuing to get himself back into Red Sox fans' good graces by saying and doing all the right...OH WAIT, he said that today about the YANKEES as he played in their OLD TIMERS' game today. When Jeter's limo crashes, I hope it hits his.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox continue to run in this 2014 horse race with a masochistic jockey. The last two games I wasn't able to see the end of, and both times I found out we ended up coming close but still losing by, you guessed it, a run. Today we're ahead early and we've got Lester on the mound, so it'll be a win, finally.


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