Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Worth It

Mets came out with 4 in the first, as the Grandy Man could and did with a 3-run dong, just as Yes* was showing his career Yankee stats. Wheeler gave three right back and I thought it was Same Old Mets, but the Queens Qrew didn't let up, pounding out a 12-7 win and completing the sweep in front of 16 fans at the newest Yankee Stadium. Noony gave up 7 runs and the Ace of Farts gave up the other 5. At one point Yes was showing McCann giving signs to Aceves--he'd basically call every pitch, inside and outside, every time, until AAAce finally said yes to one. You'd think he'd get lucky once or twice and pick the pitch Alf wanted throw on the first try. Or second or third. That helped to make this draggy game even draggier, but it was mostly fun stuff as the tired ol' Yanks sleepwalked through it. On top of it, the ump's strike calls were so late that Yes had trouble with their count all night. This is one of those games where a hockey fan would be like, "I rest my case."

So that left the door open for us to go a game ahead f the Yanks and close to within a half game of first place. But we went way down and that was that...or proverbially was it??!! We came back from 4 down to tie it at 6 late. After they walked in the tying run in the 7th on a great at bat by Jonny Wadd, AJ looked at a 3-2 pitch to end the inning. That was killer. As was the 2-out grounder in the bottom of the 9th that juuust snuck by Middlebrooks' glove. Next guy dongs, and the Twins win 8-6. So we'll have to settle for this night, one where we were resilient and lost a tough one while the Yanks continue to show they're in serious trouble.

It's a horse race, and we're even with them, but they've already gone to the whip and are losing stride, while we're just kinda cruising along, knowing we really should be farther up, but also knowing that we have a lot left, and that we've been in the winner's circle in our last race. Speaking of horse racing metaphors, it's that time of year! When sportswriters say that baseball teams are at the "quarter pole," meaning they've played a quarter of their games. Which makes no sense, since the quarter pole comes from horse racing, and refers to how much is left, not how much has gone by. Which I could still see people screwing up, BUT, the quarter pole doesn't mean a quarter of the race is left, it means there's a quarter-mile to run before the finish line. Terrible job, sportswriters. You might as well say the Patriots are "on third base" after they've played three games out of 16. Or something equally not-correct-tastic.

Meanwhile, the Jays are back to .500 so they're tied with both of us for second. I see MLB values wins over losses when it comes to tie-breakers between teams who are .500 but with different records. Weird. I'd think 19-19 would top 20-20. Because if we win every game from here on in and so do they, we'd end up with a better record. (Also, the games against each other are all rained out and not made up.) But I guess you could make the opposite argument. I'd say they should go alphabetical, but you have to choose one or the other, otherwise you could end up with a 20-20 team, followed by a 19-19 team, followed by a 20-20 team, and that just looks weird.

*I've said this a million times, but why is it that when MLBN shows a Yankee game (which seems to be almost every night**), 95% of the time they show the Yankees' home feed?

**I still don't know how to react to this. I love being able to watch and root against the Yanks without having to buy some package, just like I did growing up in the NY metro, but at the same time, I'm kinda pissed that they're basically "America's team" on there. It usually shows up on the guide as "Yanks vs. Whoever OR Some Team vs. Some Other Team," so maybe since I'm in the northeast it always defaults to Yanks, but still, how is it that they could so often be one of the options?

B-Ref has 19-19 atop 20-20, fwiw.
Except in the Detailed Standings, they have 19, 20, 19. And in the Wild Card Standings, they have 20 above both 19s. ... So, never mind!
I guess one reason to put higher wins ahead is because at the beginning of the year, a 1-1 team is gonna be ahead of an 0-0 team because .500 is ahead of .000. Then once it gets to 2-2 vs. 1-1 and so forth, both will be .500, but the higher win team was already ahead, so....

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