Thursday, May 01, 2014

Worst Day Of My Life

I can't believe that just happened. After Tuesday night's awesome win, we play two today. Game 1, there's a controversial call* in the 7th as the tying run is cut down at the plate, and we lose a 1-run game. It ends with Papi up and the tying run at second.

Then in game 2, the bats are still sleeping and we trail 2-0, until we break out of it, and take a 5-2 lead after 5. But they score 2 in the 6th, 1 in the 8th, and 1 in the 9th. We goddamn lose.

Our 5-run rally ended when Sizemore was picked off, with men on first and third. (He had made an out on the bases earlier in the game.) So even though I felt like we had the game won, I was still pissed that we couldn't keep it going. Then right away, to start the next inning, there's a pop-up on the infield that six guys could have caught, but none did. A dong later in the inning cut it to one. I was super-pissed now, but we still had the lead.

Their 8th-inning rally started with 2 outs. A single and a double tied it. But we had a chance to get the lead back. Double, sac bunt, but then Middlebrooks starts swinging at pitches that almost hit his feet, and Pedroia then ends the inning on a grounder. It'll have to be a walk-off win, I thought, just get us through the top of the 9th, Koji.

Nope. An immediate dong and they take the lead.

Bottom 9, again we get a leadoff double, and again we move him over. But then Napoli watches strike three right down the middle, and a walk later, Xander looks at strike 3 himself. We incredibly lose both these fucking games, leaving the tying run in ScoPo both fucking times. Sw-fucking-ept. Mother pus bucket.

*I heard this whole thing in the car, and O'Brien and Castig were practically cursing on air about how egregiously bad this call was, saying "this kind of call is why replay exists." When I finally got home and watched it, I really couldn't tell if Pedroia's foot caught plate or not. Still, goddamn, even if we just hold him up at third, it would have been second and third, one out, down one...whatever, I'm pissed. Fin. At least Cano and Co. beat the Yanks again. Stat of the day: The Arizona D-backs are 3-15 at home this year. Which isn't much worse than our shitty 6-10 mark. Gotta do something about that. Okay, now fin.

Remy and Orsillo were saying the exact opposite of the radio guys. They couldn't tell if Pedey touched the plate or not. I couldn't either. I'm really pissed about this damned offense leaving men everywhere. 21 LOB and 4-for-20 w/RISP for the DH. I'll rant about it on the blog tomorrow.

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