Monday, May 19, 2014

The Weekend That Turds Built

Four games ago, only three teams in the league had more wins than we did. Now eleven teams do. But we're still only 3 games out of first! Tonight we got swept by Detroit and we now have our first 4-or-more-game losing streak since 2012. The key inning was the 5th. We were down 4-1, loaded the bases, and got a little grounder to third from Napoli. The dude throws home for the force, but it's low, and the catcher can't handle it. Took the announcers FOUR looks at it to figure out that the catcher had it in his glove but didn't realize it and it fell out. So it's 4-2, still loaded with one out, and a liner back to the box is turned into a double play, and just like that the threat is over. Tigers then pulled away. Effin' sweep.

Roughly a year ago, on May 14th, we were only 4 games better than we are now, were the same amount of games out of first place as we are now, and had gone 2-8 in our last 10 games. And we went on to win the World Series. The difference this year, though, according to John Kruk, is that the players wear big colorful shorts in the locker room and also somehow weren't in there when he was before the game. So fuck us, I guess.

Odd fact of the second: Every team in the AL East lost its last game. Every team in the AL West won its last game.

Jackie's natural. If they showed it on ESPN tonight, I missed it, so I'm glad there are pics online. Of course I saw him with it sticking out the sides, reminded me of Reggie Smith.

So I guess Castiglione was out because his wife Jan was in a car accident. Good to hear she's recovering. Joe is back in the booth.


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