Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ssox Wwin

There's such an excitement to this team when they win. Makes it even more of a shame we lost 4 in a row. I mean 6. I mean 8. I mean 10. Can you GD believe that? It went by so fast. Hopefully the 10-game winning streak goes just as fast. No, wait, slow. Whatever. Tonight we had another comeback win in Atlanta in front of the home crowd. Jackie's "2-run RBI," as the post-game interviewer called it, was huge. As was Jonny Wadd's defense.

Leave it to NESN, though, to miss the final strike. And then lose their picture.

Now the Sox go back to Fenway for two more with the Braves. We need to start winning at home. If we were merely 15-12 at Fenway right now, we'd be 3 out instead of 8 out.

Tonight I was thinking about how "selling the call" has become obsolete. It was on that reviewed play at third. Psycho Lyons stole some of my god-bowling by starting to bring it up, but he didn't do a very good job, so I'll have to explain: In the past, a fielder would make the tag and then raise the glove up confidently to make the ump think he made the tag in time. I've written here about how this sometimes makes me mad, because had the fielder just kept the glove on the guy, he would have been out in a situation where the runner comes off the bag. Now, with replay, there's never a reason not to do that. You can't "sell" a call anymore. Well you can, but the other team may end up getting a refund. But fielders still do it! Shouldn't they be told to keep the glove on the runner the whole time? Seems like these runners come off the bag very often, even if it's just for a split second. Keep the glove on him, and replay will prove he's out even if he beats the original tag. And the networks often aren't even looking for this when showing their replays. They focus on whether foot hits base before glove touches body, and don't even notice that shortly after, the baserunner no longer is in contact with the base. And I wonder if sometimes the video-umps aren't doing it right. Or if they're influenced by the announcers, or are stuck with replays that don't show the right thing, or aren't shown one of the available replays.

To sum up: there are major league baseball players still making a move which is officially obsolete. You may as well try to steal first. (Not the Lloyd Moseby way. Note: Bad job by whoever uploaded that, cutting off the end, where Moseby puts both hands on his head.)


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