Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sox Ahead Of Yanks (If Using Alphabetical Tie-breaker)

Good job, Mets! They come through with a late comeback win in The Bronx, while Kim and I watched two new Louie episodes. Granderson with a delicious two-run dong in this one. Farnsworth gets the save, as the Next Great Yankee Catcher (.213/.250/.336) ends it on a double play as the potential winning run.

O's lost, so we close to 1.5 back in second; Yanks drop into a tie with us.

Starting Tuesday night, it's the Sox in Minny against the last-place mono mono Twins:

Tuesday, 8:10: Doobie mono mono Brothers vs. Tricky Dick Nolasco
Wednesday, 8:10: Everything About This Duckboat Purchase Is Jake Peavy vs. Kevin Heart & Seoul Correia
Thursday, 1:10: HH vs. Red Sox fan Phil Hughes

Tonight's Yanks' recap on mlb.com starts:

The preferred form of payment has moved from tokens to MetroCards, but as the Subway Series ventures deeper into its second decade of service, this intracity rivalry still packs a punch.

The entire NYC transit system was accepting MetroCards since before interleague play started, and tokens haven't been used in the NYC subway system since 2003!


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