Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Red Sox Force Reds To Walk Off

Red Sox beat Reds in 12 at Fenway, though Little Grady did not hit the foul pole. His double plated Papi with the game-winner, and the celebration was on.

Bottom 12 went like this: Ortiz singles through the shift. Napoli grounds one up the middle. Shortstop dives but it scoots by. He should have taken a much different angle, getting to the ball on the outfield grass and then having a legit shot at forcing Papi out at second. Sizemore comes up and hits one deep to left-center. NESN does the "follow the ball" thing so we don't see where the fielders are, and then when it hits low on the wall, they keep showing the outfield so we don't know where Papi is on the basepaths. But we could tell from the fact that the LF and CF stopped once the carom went between them into no-person's land that this game was over. Papi could have crawled home.

Great job by the pen post-Taz/Koji keeping this one tied. So we stay 1.5 back of the O's. Yanks tied 2-2 in 6th out west as I type.

And I still can't believe how Dennis Eckersley can sit there listening to both Don and Jerry say the Red Sox "walked off" and then hear Tom Caron in the chair next to him say it twice, without saying "you guys are using the phrase I coined completely wrong."

Of all the stupid assholes to hit the game-winning homer. Brian Roberts hits a solo shot with 2 outs in the top of the 9th to give Yanks lead. Dumbass Angels go quietly in bottom half. Game over. Shit. You're thinkin' too hard, Angels. Just kick their asses and move on.

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