Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Left: Guy shows/rubs one nipple at Fenway tonight. Right: 15 minutes later, on the Cubs-Yanks game on WGN, another guy (the same guy????) shows nipple at Wrigley. Coincidence? I mean is this a pre-planned thing, is May 20th National Nipple Night? Is it coincidental that the first guy showed his left nipple with a righty up, and the second guy showed his right nipple with a lefty up?

Anyway, we totally lost. After being down 6-0, we cut it to 7-4, and had some more 2014 trademark moments where we're almost about to do something and then get robbed on some type of crazy inning-ending double play. In the 9th, Papi was up as the tying run and hit a major bomb down the line that had Drinkwater and everyone else thinking we'd tied it up, but it went just foul, and about negative 2 pitches later everyone was in their cars.

The good news is that the Yanks are down big in the 7th at Wrigley. Looks like Tanaka will get his first loss in 27 years. Hopefully this starts a nice long bed-shitting streak for that dumb butt.

Oh and more bad news, Stephen Drew has finally made his way back to the Red Sox. I heard the news at the beginning of the radio broadcast tonight, just before I got home. As I'm sitting there with slumped shoulders imagining the inexplicable lengthening of the Drews-era of Red Sox history, Dave O'Brien starts telling me how the mere news of Drew's return has magically given the clubhouse a boost and that you can just feel his presence already, as if we were talking about some sort of good player.

Was about to publish this, but figured I'd check GameDay real quick for a Yankee update just to make sure they haven't had some crazy error-ific comeback, and I see this:

Derek Jeter singles on a soft ground ball to second baseman Luis Valbuena.

"What a shock!" --Phil Conners

Update: Yanks lose as Jeter ends game with bases loaded, and then the Cubs station shows 9 straight seconds of his back. Had he gotten on, Ellsbury would have come up with a chance to go 5 for his last 50! (He's also 2 for his last 31 (.065).) Too bad it's been burned into everyone's mind that he's having this great season and that he's on a mission and hell on the basepaths and all that crap--guy had a good month, and that month was about a half a month long. He's been shitstink ever since. If he was hitting .340 the last time you checked, check again. Spoiler: it's below .270. Part of me wishes the bad part had come first, so he would have had to hear the boos and feel the pressure, but I'll settle for him doing badly now.


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