Friday, May 30, 2014

Halloween II: Return Of Myers

Last October, the Red Sox were treated to an ALDS win thanks to the ghost that spooked Wil Myers. Tonight, the winning run scored in the 10th as AJ's fly ball hit off Myers's glove and rolled away while Myers collided hilariously with the center fielder. Red Sox win on a fight-a-licious night at Fenway.

That's 5 good ones in a row to follow up 10 in a shitty row. We're just 5 out of first place in the loss column as the rest of the division lost tonight.

Would have been an even crazier final play had no one been on base. Even AJ could have circled the bases on that play for a game-winning inside-the-park homer. But all AJ had to do was watch it and root Jonny Wadd around from first.

What's up with Remy? When Workman threw one behind Longoria's head, he was immediately ejected. After 2 minutes of replays and discussion, Remy says Workman "will probably be ejected." Then after Don notes that the Red Sox are on their fourth manager of the night, Remy says, "and the Red Sox are on their third manager of the night."

Stat of the night: The next pitcher to take the mound at Fenway will be Rubby De La Rosa, tomorrow night. The last pitcher to take the mound at Fenway tonight was a guy who kinda looks like Zack de la Rocha.

What's up with Remy?

He doesn't prepare, he doesn't listen, and he barely watches.

He also couldn't figure out, in the first inning, why Price would be throwing at Ortiz. Don had to explain it.
Wow that's terrible about the Ortiz thing. I had radio until 9 pm so I missed that.
I just went back and watched all of that. Not only did Remy not understand why Price was throwing at Ortiz, he said he did not think it was intentional. WTF??? He also didn't know that Workman and Lovullo had been ejected until they showed the replays. He really does not watch the game.

Regarding the in the world was Price not ejected after hitting Carp? Really makes no sense. I was trying to read the umps' lips. There was something about a foul ball mentioned twice.

Speaking of reading lips...Farrell said it was "fucking horseshit" and Lovullo said it was "fucking bullshit."

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