Friday, May 02, 2014

Fun Trivia

Matsuzaka, Cook, Beckett, Bard.

Q: Which of these pitchers were starting games for the Red Sox less than two years ago?

A: All of them. Weird.

And Aceves, who was somehow on our team last year, is back with the Yanks in AAA, and may be getting called up soon.

Tonight at Fenway it's BucHHolz against the grAveyard: Lowrie, Punto, Reddick, Moss, Coco....

And then it's 1:35 games on Sad-dee and Sun-dee.

Ellsbury: 7 for his last 36 (.194)
Jeter: 6 for his last 29 (.207)

Jetes is slugging .306 this year. "Slugging"!
As with a great jazz musician, you have to learn to appreciate the extra-base hits he DOESN'T get.
Funny you mention that, because he invented jazz.
Mom here:
Allan is never just funny. He is always screamingly funny. I'm so happy whenever he comments.

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