Friday, May 02, 2014

Every Little Thing Was All Right Twice In A Row

Dustin hit his 100th dong, a grand slam, to give the Sox a 6-1 lead in the 6th. Your final was 7-1 us. After the dong, Victorino was announced, and everyone did the singalong. But then the A's challenged the dong, which doinked off the top of the shelf in left. The call was upheld, and Victorino "came up" again. And everyone got to sing again. With the promise of each small item being doubly fine, Boston cruised to victory.

A late A's kinda rally was ended when Jackie made a catch crashing into the wall, then threw to Dustin, who threw to first for a double play.

Buchholz, with his wife, the Marcia Brady-looking Lindsay Bucking-hholz, in attendance behind the plate as usual, gave up just a run over 6+.

Ortiz doc upcoming.

I have to get up at 5:50 tomorrow, so I'm leaving this Yanks-Rays game unattended. Will find out in morning. I'm pissed though, as the fucking Rays had to use a bunch of bums in the 9th since they pitched their closer twice yesterday against us. And when they were one out away from victory, they let Ellsbury single home the tying goddamn run. So now it's bottom 12, still 5-5.

Tampa 10-5 in 14!!!
Bottom 13th: With 2 outs, Rays walk Ellsbury to load the bases for Jeter - who promptly grounds out to the pitcher! 0-for-7 for Captain Intangibles.
Turned out well..
Wow, awesome! I love how they dis-- , er, highly respected Jeter by walking the guy in front of him!

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