Monday, May 19, 2014

Bryant Time

I'd been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Bryant Park NYC movie lineup, and today I see it came out five days ago! So all of a sudden, it's summer. And now, in the yearly tradition, I "shall" live-blog my own reactions to each film as I reveal them in my browser window:

June 16th: Saturday Night Fever. Solid start! Music, dancing, liberal use of the "c" word, this film has it all! I'm already imagining the kinds of outfits people are gonna wear for this one. And the blanket-finders will probably be mirror balls on sticks.

June 23: The Mark Of Zorro. From 1940. Another classic old movie I've never seen.

June 30: A Soldier’s Story. I don't....even...not familiar. Let's just get to Ghostbusters and stop effing around, please.

July 7: Blazing Saddles. I like it and everything, it's just not way at the top of my list like it is for some people. Wouldn't mind seeing this one outside with a big crowd.

July 14: Suddenly Last Summer. Wait, that Motels song is named after something?

July 21: National Lampoon’s Vacation. Woohoo! An all-time fave of mine, of course. As of now, this is the one I'm definitely going to. We'll see if anything tops it. I'm still hoping for Ghostbusters, what with it turning 30 and with Ramis just dying. If that's not the finale....

July 28: Key Largo. This is, like, Bogey and Bacall and whatnot. Never saw.

August 4: The Karate Kid. My friend who I've known since high school recently wrote this: "Mike’s admission of having never seen Youngblood was mildly shocking, but Jere having never seen Karate Kid seems almost impossible, and causes me to question other assumptions I have about the world." Yeah, that one was right in my wheelhouse, but I just never went, and then never rented, and then somehow I've only seen very short bursts when it's been on TV. What do you want me to tell ya?

August 11: Lover Come Back. NY-based rom-com from '61 that I've never heard of.

August 18: The Shining. Whoa, ging-ga!!! Another absolute Jere classic! And "everyone else" classic. Okay I think I'm making two trips down there this year. Holy shit, the goddamn Shining, I gotta believe Kim's coming with me for this one. Best summer ever! I wish it were August 17th right now. "French fries and ketchup"! (Name the scene....)

And as I scroll, I see there are no more. The Shining is your closer. Which reeeeeeally makes up for the fact that there's no Ghostbusters. Ya know, I absolutely give this lineup an A, based solely on the following: It starts with SNF, it's got Vacation in the middle, and it closes with The Shining. Bravo, Bryant Park movie deciders!!!!!

Check out the poster here.


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