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The shittiness of this article would piss me off in general, but what makes it worse is that it came up as the top "Red Sox" hit in my Google News thing right before the Reds series. Let's break it down:

It's a light week for the Boston Red Sox, who start two-game set against the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday.

Left out a word, but hey, it happens, let's move on.

Some time has past


since the last time the Red Sox have played a meaningful series against the Reds (since the Big Red Machine days, at least),

Such an odd thing to say. The Red Sox never played the Reds in a game that counted until the "Big Red Machine days." So "At least" makes no sense. It also implies we've been playing them all along, when in reality we played them in one series in '75, then not again until '05, and then one other time before this week.

so this quick set will be a good opportunity for Boston fans to catch a surging Cincinnati franchise in person.

Had lots of meaningless games been played, they still would have counted as opportunities to catch the Reds.

Although, the real focus will probably be placed sole on trying to win both games and gain some ground in the division.

That "Although" with a comma after it reeks of school newspaper. And your "Sole" needs an "ly." And yes, we're probably trying to win above all else.

Here's the AL East outlook as of Friday morning:

Since this was a Tuesday-Wednesday series, I checked his previous article to reveal that this inexplicable "Friday" line was indeed a copy/paste. Someone should also tell the guy what "outlook" means.

The New York Yankees have yet to pull away, and no one else seems intent on going on a run. As a result, the Red Sox are now in a tie for third place, despite a 5-5 run. Then again, the 15-16 Reds aren't on fire themselves.

I thought the Reds were surging! The Red Sox are in a tie for third despite a 5-5 run? So they played .500 ball and ended up right in the middle. What's so despitey about that? Should I be surprised that the Yanks haven't pulled away?

I'll end it there. But please note he does start sentences with "Although [comma]" two more times. Maybe it doesn't seem that horrible, but go to the link and read it all and you'll get the vibe I got. The "not good" vibe. The writer is an associate producer and "coordinates" sports coverage! I almost feel like Dan Lamothe put this guy in charge just to make me mad. Lord knows I used to make him mad. I guess he's some kind of military reporter now. Come on Dan, you know I can do a better job than this. All I ask is what the Ghostbusters paid Winston to start, 11-five a year.

Details of the mock feud: Lamothe was this guy who did a blog for the newspaper linked above. I got pissed because all these paid bloggers have built-in audiences, whereas we unpaid people had to start from nothing. And Dan was goin' around sayin' stuff like "we bloggers gotta stick together," and meanwhile there I'd been blogging for years with no pay and on day one he's got thousands of readers. Now granted, it's cool if you go to school, get a job with a paper, whatever. But blogs are a way for no-names like me to have a space to give our opinions. Once these newspapers started making their own "blogs," it killed it for the rest of us. We were already competing against giant companies and big names, now we were competing with them directly. It's as if I started a newspaper and printed up copies and went around delivering it. It would never compete with actual newspapers. But the other way around, a real newspaper can one day refer to a columnist as a "blogger," and suddenly he's got the top blog on the web.

I feel like the Internet is shitty in this way. All the things made for the little guy get taken over by the big guy and suddenly nobody cares about my 1,000-word thoughtful article when Lindsay Lohan posts a picture of her left boob on the same medium.

Do you see what I mean, Dan?

I guess the blog on that site (which Dan used to do) is still there and is different from the article I linked, as a side note.

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