Thursday, May 29, 2014

7 Out With 110 To Play

And only 4.5 back of the second wild card, mofo. Sox win their 4th in a row, all against the Braves, who are supposedly good. But right now I'm lookin' at the scout who discovered them like Max Mercy getting his first look at Roy Hobbs. But we don't have to worry about them again until the Fall Classic.

X got the game-winning hit+error in the bottom of the ninth. The Braves played unbelievably shitty D in the last few frames to give us the victory. I wonder how many times brothers have made errors in the same inning before tonight.

I hate when NESN shows the behind-the-plate view on live pitches. Tonight they did it a few times, but last night they did a big long stretch of it. How are we supposed to tell where the taken pitches go? Or the batted balls?

And I mentioned this last year, but it's gotten much worse this year: Inning ends, Sox coming up, and instead of showing the score, they show the three hitters coming up, with one arbitrarily highlighted. They must feel like since the score is up there all game long, we don't need to see it there. But that should be a scene-setting moment: here's your inning, the score, the hits for each team. I'd think they would especially want to do that headed for the bottom of the ninth. But they always do the three heads now in that situation. If the Sox are coming up with a chance to win in the bottom of the ninth, and you want to keep the casual viewer from changing the channel, the ONE thing you want to remind them of is that the team's last chance is coming up next. Some guy in a bar with no sound on the TV sees three faces, he doesn't know what the fuck inning it is. He's not gonna say, "Oh, Grady Sizemore is the highlighted guy of the three due up next inning, I'll stick with this in case it happens to be the ninth and the game is tied or they're down 1 or maybe 2." To Jaws-ify it, you yell "Pedroia," everybody says, "Huh," "What?" You yell "9th inning," and we've got a panic on our hands on the 4th of July.


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