Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Winning Via The "Mike"

My (Yankee fan) friend Mike's favorite thing* is when you're the home team, you're trailing headed to the bottom of the 8th, and you take the lead, meaning all of a sudden you're three outs from victory. That 8th inning changes the feel of the whole game. The Red Sox did that today. Peavy was great but we couldn't do much on O, and we trailed 2-1 after 7.5. Then Papi hit a mega-three-run-dong over the P. Pole and suddenly it was 4-2 and Koji Time. So we win the series and head to The Bronx.

I've probably said this before, but baseball on FM radio is so shitty compared to FM. Sure the announcers seem to have better voices, but I swear I can barely hear the crowd. I'm listening to that Papi blast in the car and wondering if anyone's in the stands at all! Freakin' FM.

*At least it was in '89 or whenever he told me. Who knows if he even remembers any of this or if he remained a lifelong fan of this 8th-inning thing.


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